Thursday, June 7, 2007

Daniel Randcliffe Goes for the Punto

The Mirror of Erised said to Harry, “I show not your face but what your heart’s desire- it’s your family.” But in real life what does Daniel desire for? Especially now that his birthday is near? No, it’s not some girl to make his teenage girl-fans jealous -- it’s a Fiat Grande Punto.

Yes guys, you read it right. The hero of the Harry Potter series by English author J.K. Rowling is set to purchase the little car produced by Italian carmaker Fiat. One would expect the Harry Potter star to go for a flashy ride (maybe a Rolls-Royce or a Lamborghini) after all, he is the richest kid in Britain right now and on his 18th birthday this coming July 23 he will have access to his £23 million fortune. The car, says one close to the boy, is the first thing that Daniel wants to buy himself to celebrate his birthday.

According the news, Daniel chose the Fiat Grande Punto because it is one of the top five most environmentally-friendly cars in the UK. Apparently our Harry Potter is an environmentalist too.

The Grande Punto is sure low-key, but if Daniel wanted to he could always pimp his ride and go for the Need For Speed kit -- which includes a rear spoiler, 17in alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel and chrome exhaust – available from the automaker.

Daniel however, is reportedly keen on keeping it low, liking the fact that he’ll be able to drive around London without being recognized, especially by the paparazzi.

Let’s just hope that Daniel’s new car won’t suffer the same fate as the Ford Angila, the flying car used in the Harry Potter films which was stolen in October 2005 from the South West Film Studios in St. Agnes, England.

Well Happy Birthday anyway Daniel!


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