Thursday, July 26, 2007

Negative ‘Transformers’?

I have been hearing from my officemates and seeing in the news that “Transformers” really rocks!

I am not fond of watching noisy movies, so I think I am left behind with the whereabouts in the movie scenes. Probably if there is no other choice, I would watch it in a DVD. Nevertheless, I saw the trailer, but still never caught my attention.

I am amazed with how modern individuals think. The movie “Transformers” is one manifestation how imaginative people are.

But just when I thought I was the only one not fond of the movie, I read an online article describing the movie as “assault noise and nonsense”. Well, as for me, it does have sense; it is just that I hate noisy films.

Let me share to you what the “negative” write up says.

According to it, the movie resulted to a partly car commercial and partly military recruitment ad.

Since I have not watched it, I heavy rely on the information I got through research (as it is forms part almost 99 percent of my job).

In the movie, the Autobots turn into American cars and truck - GM products if I am not mistaken. It takes flight with a harsh, confusing attack on an American military base in Qatar. In the country’s desert, muscled and sweaty military types (Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson) clash with an apocalyptic helicopter that transforms into an angry critter with an eloquent tail like that of a scorpion. Back in the US, the secretary of defence played by Jon Voight barks orders at other military types while Sam deals with his weird ride and his mounting fears.

From the trailer, I saw that there were many “running” moments. The robots which transform into cars somewhat always run and chase something or something I do not know. In this case, I wonder which could have been a more fitted car part; a honda timing belt or the GM one.


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