Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Transformers Sequel Soon?

With the success of the recently launch Transformers live action film Paramount and Dreamworks, there is a possibility that the producers will make a sequel for the film. This is according to Hasbro, the owner of Transformers franchise and other toy lines. Another reason to make a sequel for the movie is that the sales of Transformers merchandise based on the film significantly boosted.

During Hasbro's announcement of its July sales, Alfred Verrecchia, CEO of Hasbro Inc., said:
"Transformers has been a unique box office success. Our U.S. retail sales of the new Transformers toys have exceeded our expectations with 3 million units sold since the said. We had a great first-half of the year and we do expect to grow business in the second-half but not at the levels that we did in the first and second quarters."

"It's too soon to say if there's a Transformers 2. No date has been set as yet, but a second movie is possible."

The Transformers movie can be considered as one of the most successful films of all time. In 28 hours, it sold $38 million and gathered 150 million on its first week. The film is extended in other theaters around the world so the producers are expecting for more money.

Meanwhile, the film's director, Michael Bay said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW) that it is really possible to have a Transformers 2.

“I’ve got a lot of ideas for the next one. There’s a lot of really cool, big robot stuff that I had in my head that we didn’t do. I just want to see how this works. You might not grow as much as a director to do a sequel. But it’s kind of like you have your baby and you don’t want someone else to take it.” said Michael Bay.

EW asked Bay if "Will Transformers 2 be the directors next film?", he said:
“I don’t know if it would be ready. It just takes so long to do a script. A couple things are on the horizon, but [maybe] I’ll do my little movie that I can knock out, because we all think we’re going to have a strike.”

I think the Transformers 2 will also hit the box office sales if ever. Just like the Spiderman movie series.


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