Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bentley for Bond

James Bond being a Bentley guy was not really known to us, who have just seen the world-renowned spy in his movies. The first novel about James bond was written by Ian Fleming. In this initial narrative, James Bond first had driven a Bentley. The Aston Martin DBS which most regard as the ultimate Bond vehicle appeared a little later as an improved Bentley. Bond’s real personal car, now we know to be the Bentley is the spy’s only real “hobby” as said in the block buster movie series.

Being a certified Bond historian, Sebastian Faulks authored the Bond book as a tribute for the mind that gave the world James Bond, Ian Fleming. Fleming is celebrating his centennial birthday.

In contrast to the Bond movies set in the present times, we will be riding a time machine because the setting is sometime in 1967. Definitely, in this era, Bond wouldn’t be riding a Continental GT to fit his image and station.

In 1967, all Bentleys were a single letter, the model “T” as a sedan or a two-door coupe with coachwork by the in-house custom body builders of Rolls Royce, James Young and Mulliner Park Ward. To exclude the radiator shell, the T is almost a Rolls-Royce Silver shadow.

With Bond driving BMWs in the recent motion pictures, it may be considered dishonoring the automotive beginnings of the epic. With Bond having a Bentley again as his best buddy, it is but a proof that the two are undeniably a perfect tandem.

James Bond had driven three Bentleys of different models in the novels. He got his first Bentley in Casino Royale, it was a 1930 supercharged 4.5 liter model, the legendary “blower Bentley” one of the 55 manufactured in “battleship grey” which the spy bought in 1933 and he kept during the World War II. The production limited car was destroyed by a load of fourteen tons of newsprint dropped from a truck in Moonraker.

Bond’s next Bentley was a 1953 Bentley Mark VI, it was also a “battleship grey”.

The Thunderball featured the third of Bond’s Bentley. It was a Continental Mark II with an R-Type chassis, the vehicle reflects Bond’s taste in vehicles.


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