Saturday, October 20, 2007

These movies are Great but the cars are really the Stars

David Cronenberg's film, A History of Violence was a story of an ordinary man living peaceful in a rural area of America who developed a fiercer version of himself after the robbery of his café. The movie’s got a lot of twist but without the mighty presence of the Chrysler 300C, it would not fit your criteria to be a great movie. Specially made for the movie to play the sinister vehicle, the jet black Chrysler 300C has chrome trim, darkened slit windows, gaping, barking-shark grille and low-rider stance. The evil Chrysler 300C was featured in the scene where the goons lead by Ed Harris went to the house of Viggo Mortensen to threaten his family.

Our second collection is the movie Swordfish starring John Travolta and the absurd looking TVR still carrying UK plates. According to screenwriter and film expert William Goldman, for a movie to be a sure hit, there should be seven people best in their leagues of being a director, director of photography, set designer, casting director, etc. But I want to add that choosing the car is as important as it is to choose the actor and Swordfish met my added criterion. The movie was crappy and ill-conceived mess that it became a blockbuster.

As I was talking about sinister vehicle earlier, if there would be the best sinister vehicle ever, the P5B Coupe in the Mick Jagger/James Fox Sixties acid gangster movie Performance would be the first to come to my mind.

I also doubt whether the folk in the next apartment to Keanu Reeves' character Neo in The Matrix would appreciate him smashing through their wall pursued by replicants. And as for that huge chase scene in the third Matrix film, where Neo and Laurence Fishburne are smashing up all those Cadillac CTSs, you will find yourself worrying about the other drivers' no claims bonuses. I mean, even if all those people are actually submerged in amniotic fluid while being fed nutritious mush through a tube while their minds are controlled by an evil computer, you can expect they'd still want a good credit-rating and clean driving license.


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