Saturday, November 17, 2007

Looking back, what was the first ever Batmobile?

In May of 1939, the #27 of Detective Comics introduced the superhero of Gotham City, Batman. For two years, Batman’s mode of transportation when catching the bad guys is not known, however, to make Batman’s job easier, the Batmobile came. The super car debuted in Batman #5 and became the comic cover of the Batman #20. That was in sketch.

In 1955, the real life Batmobile was made by Ford. During that time, Ford’s Lincoln division was able to create the futuristic concept car named Lincoln Futura. The Lincoln Futura was Italian handmade in Turin with a price tag of $250,000. That was the time when such amount seems like the price of the Bugatti Veyron. Like most of Concept cars, the Lincoln Futura was not put in production. Some time in the 1960’s George Barris of Barris Kustom City with his tactics bought the car from Ford Motor Co. for only $1.

To further see how Batman becomes Gotham’s super guy, the comic series was made a TV show. Of course, as Batman chases criminals he must be in his Batmobile. The problem was, is there a Bat-like car to fit our superhero?

To solve this problem, the producers of the “Batman” TV show asked the help of George Barris. Barris will be the one to build the Batmobile for the upcoming Batman show. Another problem was, the car is due by three weeks. With his new bought Futura having bat-like features his problem was cracked. For George Barris, there is no other car to be the Batmobile but his Lincoln Futura.

"Batman has two primary modes of transportation: swinging from gothic clock towers on his Batline, and cruising around Gotham in the Batmobile. Sure, he¹s got a Batwing and a Batjet and a Batcopter and even a Bat-Segway, but mostly Batman relies on his ride to get from point A to point B.” said David Campbell in his Batmobile essay.


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