Friday, December 14, 2007

2007 Shelby Mustang GT500 Cast in I Am Legend Movie Starring Will Smith

A year after the all-new version Ford Mondeo has grace the James Bond film Casino Royale another Ford vehicle will get its share of the limelight in a holiday blockbuster entitled I Am Legend starring Will Smith.

The movie will cast the 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500 in red with signature white stripes. Brian Daly of Ford Global Brand Entertainment (FGBE) which places Ford vehicles in movies, TV, and other media said, "There is no doubt that the Shelby Mustang GT500 is the costar of the first part of this story. Smith plays the sole survivor of an apocalypse who races around the deserted, gray, empty streets in this fantastic bright red Mustang. The sequences are incredible. The producers knew they wanted an American-made vehicle and the Shelby Mustang was perfect casting. But I also knew Chrysler and GM were making pitches. I kept imagining the folks at Camaro piecing together all kinds of prototypes to get those scenes."

It was in the spring of 2006 when Daly has started talking with Warner Bros. on the possible casting of Ford vehicles on the movie and thanks to his long working relationship with several studio executives he was given the chance to take a peak at the script.

I Am Legend is a movie adapted on the 1954 Richard Matheson science fiction novel that features a red Ford vehicle. The First adaptation of this novel is the movie The Omega Man which was released in the year 1971 and has featured Charlton Heston behind the wheel of a bright red 1970 Ford LTD.

For the I Am Legend, Smith will not only be seen driving a Ford convertible but will also be sharing scenes with a Ford Expedition and a Ford Escape Hybrid.

For this year, Ford vehicles have starred in some of the most exciting movies ever released including The Kingdom that featured a Range Rover and starred Jamie Foxx; Dan in Real Life wherein Ford starred with Volvo and Steve Carell; Rush Hour 3 that showcase a Jaguar XK and starred Jackie Chan; and Nancy Drew that featured a Ford Escape and Land Rover LR3 and starred Emma Roberts.

And next year, 2008, it’s still going to be a busy year for Ford vehicles on the screen as it joins the casts of the movie Nights in Rodante starring Richard Gere driving behind a 2008 Jaguar XK. Hopefully there would still be some more announcement after.


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